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About International Conference on Disaster Mitigation

The biggest of its kind in India and in Bangalore, International Conference on Disaster Mitigation (ICDM) is expected to bring together more than 500 participants and world renowned scientists as speakers from all over the world, including decision makers, as well as practitioners, in emergency management, risk management, bio management, chemical, disaster and crisis communications and first response services, and focus on the “before-during-after” crisis or disaster cycle.

In addition to education and training sessions, pre- and post-conference workshops and display presentations the conference will include an interactive grand show, during which participants will be able to get new topics, new information and new and latest technologies in the disaster management industry and also will get the certificates .

Participants will be able to have interactive session and  group discussion, and information and experiences from different parts of the country and other countries and industries; network globally and locally; and learn about methods to improve preparedness in a cost-effective manner. The conference is being organized by Mother India Care.  

Who you should attend ICDM ?

The Mother India Care brings together a diverse group of experienced professionals of natural and human instigated disaster, and also advanced continuity management professionals to facilitate new information, conversations and to share critical lessons learned. You will have the opportunity to gain new knowledge on disaster measurement and disaster management, and also build important new relationships with peers and organizations strengthening your overall continuity plans.

 Why you should attend ICDM?

  • Obtain most important preparation and response strategies to current hazards and expected and un-expected hazards risks & threats   
  • Advanced Air Filtration System developed by Dr. KRK Raman (Micro Contamination Scientist- Recipient of Fred Hermann Award USA 2003 )
  • Focused and Directed Study Continuing Professional Development.
  • Continuing Education Activity Points for Researchers & Scholars and students.
  • National Safety Brigade (NSB) state wise to supplement the government efforts.
  • Network with your peers
  • Share best practices
  • Convenient Location
  • Adds up to great value for your money and time .!!

Accommodation Information:

A block of rooms has been reserved at our exclusive hotels in Bangalore per night basis for a Deluxe rooms.

SPECIAL RATE: INR 3000 per night for a Deluxe Room

Last date or deadline for reservations is Monday, July 30th, 2018.

To make a reservation, please use the dedicated link by clicking here.

While booking, be sure to state that you are attending "ICDM Event” of Mother India Care or simply quote registration number to receive the special room rate.


  • When is the ICDM event and where is the venue ?

The event is scheduled for 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Nov 2017 and it will be conducted at one of the best star hotel in Bangalore city.

  • Who are the target audience for this event ?

The target audience will be from the students, researchers, scholars, delegates from private & corporate sector, government officials, and also delegates from abroad.

  • What is your ICDM event plan and activities ?

3 days ICDM Event Activities is focused on the disaster risk and mitigation will be conducted  at one of the best star hotel in Bangalore city. The ICDM event will have 3 days conference & workshop on disaster risk and mitigation, exhibition, and business meet and a pledge session on disaster risk and mitigation and disaster relief operation, official launh os Natioanl Safety Brigade (a civilian army formed by mother India Care for the safety of next generation. Demo of safety products, award distribution, and thematic session followed by the press conference will be a part of valedictory session of the  ICDM event.

  • What is the special attraction of the Event ?

The ICDM event chief guest is Dr. KRK Raman who is the micro contamination scientist and winner of the prestigious award “Free Hermann Memorial Award, USA 203, and many more dignitaries of scientist world will attend this event. The safety product companies insurance companies will show cause their product in the hall of Expo for 3 days. Workshop will be conducted on the main topics such as nuclear hazards, biohazards, chemical hazards and epidemic hazards.  The  work shop will cover various other sub topics on disasters and also the violation of law. The certificate of participation will be issued to participants which will have recognition.

  • What is this event all about ?

The ICDM event is conducted to create awareness and training about the natural and human instigated disasters risk and mitigation and ;post disaster recovery measures to be discussed and planned &preset. The ICDM event will also pay homage to the innocent lives of our near and dear ones lost natural and human instigated disaster.  

  • What all the benefits, clients/sponsors will get from this event ?

We have designed different packages for different categories sponsor and they will get the huge mileage and exposure from this event and tax benefit as well.

  • What is the difference between the cause promotions and other promotions ?

Other promotions are for commercial purposes to promote a product or services and for benefit of a company specific only, but our cause promotion is to promote National Project and for the benefit of all. and your support for the cause make India proud.

  • What is your cause promotions plan ?

Promotions with the celebrity photograph, Digital promotions, Hoarding Ads, News Paper Ad, FM Radio, Mobile Van Ad, Banners ad, bunting ad, Press Conference, sponsors recognition on event day and also on promotional materials, Pre-Event Party and cause promotions post event for 2 months.

  • What kind of exposures can a sponsor expect ?

Hoardings in a prime location and digital marketing human popups Bulk Email marketing, Sms marketing, Direct Mailing & News Paper Insertion, Canopy Display and Rollup Standies at Prime Locations and a direct promotions on the event day at venue in front of huge mass through cause promotions Sponsors Forum). Sponsors can get a exhibition stall to display their product, as many of the safety product companies and also insurance companies are participating in this ICDM hall of expo, they can give the demo in the conference hall as we will be providing a time slot to that effect.

  • Will I get direct access to the audience or database & post event within how many days I am going to get it ?

No. The database will not be shared as per our agreement with the participants, but we will be doing the cause marketing post event for two months for the benefit of our sponsors.

  • How long you have been into this charity activities?

We have been in this charity activities from more than a decade as an unregistered entity but from the past three years we are operating as a registered public charitable and non-profit making trust. Our last event is National road safety week celebration with the state government (transport and traffic) and we conducted this event continuously for seven days and Indian Army also supported us in this event and they performed activities on road safety on behalf of us.

  • What all the charity work or event have you done in the past ?

We have issued SBI payout cards to many BPL families so as to provide them financial aid during emergency and we have provided the financial aid. We have provided cash aid to many BPL families. We have provided the medical treatment to injured School children in a private Hospital and undertaken to provide the complete medical treatment. We have formed the civilian army as National Safety Brigade (NSB) who will be providing disaster relief operation and services. We are providing SOS 24/7 emergency services. We have done the counseling for many family and couples so as to save marriages and divorce rate. We have celebrated National Road Safety Week in collaboration with the state transport and traffic department. We have spend lakhs of rupees on our road safety awareness program. Now we are going to set ap chain of accident relief centers DRCs on major highways across India to provide emergency care to road accident victims.

  •  Do you have any other upcoming event in future ?

Yes. We have set an event calendar. On 19th Nov 2017 we are conducting the United Nations Event i.e. World Day of Remembrance for road traffic victims, , we have couples meet, on 24th March 2018, we have Bike and Car Rally covering 22000 kms across the length and breadth of India and this Rally event will have the coverage by leading TV channel. We have Bangalore ACE (Tri ShowBiz Grande ) Awards ceremony, Concert and Mega consumer show.

  •  Do you have any recognition ?

We have been awarded three awards, Global Achievers Awards, Pride of India Award, Bharat Nirman Award & Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Excellence Award.

  • Who are your earlier supporters or sponsors ?

Many companies have supported us for our charities work, and the group of 50 Nos. Indian Army also supported and volunteered us in our last event i.e. "National Road Safety Week" Celebration and performed with us on the Bangalore City. No corporate organization or charity organization is having such track record of getting the support of Indian Army.

  • Why I should support your event or cause / Project?

The ICDM event is planned to provide information, knowledge and training on disaster risk and mitigation. By doing this you are contributing for a safer world for the next generation.

  • What is the return or a tax benefits a sponsor/donor will be getting ?

All donations are eligible for the tax exemptions. You will be getting 50 % of your returns immediately and a huge mileage and exposure through this ICDM event, before the ICDM event, on the ICDM event day and after the ICDM event for two months through our cause marketing programs. We have another event lined up i.e. on 19th Nov 2017, World Day of remembrance for road traffic victims. The sponsors can come forward to sponsor this event too.

  • What is the expected crowd for this event who are the dignitaries ?

The expected crowd will be 5000 plus and Dr. KRK Raman, Micro Contamination Scientist and the winner of the Fred Hermann Memorial Awards 2003, USA, is the chief guest and also the main lecturer for the 3 days conference and workshop. His vast experience on disaster mitigation can be very useful for the society and next generation. We are   and traffic police officers are attending this event and many more VVIPs are attending this event.

  • How much space will be allocated to sponsor in different media ?

We will be allocating different space for different categories of our sponsors that can been seen in our webpage page link.

What is ARC ?

ARC - Accident Relief Centers is our National Project wherein we will be providing emergency care to road accident victims on accident spot itself with a priority to provide timely help during 1st critical and golden hour to save lives. Each ARC will be equipped with Doctor, Nurse, First - Aid, Ambulance, Towing Van, Hydraulic Cutter, Rest Room, Refreshments, Authomobile Spare & Service Center, Bank ATM, Emergency Re-fuelling and Oxygen Bar etc. We want to set up chain of chain of ARCs on major highways across India to reduce the road traffic disaster and also the environment hazards.

  • Why ARC ?

India witnesses a life casualty every 4 minutes in a road accident. The increase in the death ratio is maximum due to the lack of proper aid in time to the road accident victim. Its high time now. This needs to stop and requires immediate attention. Action is the key, and care is the priority. We have been pre-eminent in spreading the message about road safety through a wide variety of grass root activities aimed at raising awareness amongst all levels of society as to the risks and consequences associated with a lack of road safety awareness. The intention to educate and encourage the people in general and drivers in particular for safe driving, road safety is priority by MIC (Mother India Care) while driving or riding. The solution could be derived or the remedial measure could be worked upon if the road commuters are aware about the cause and the fatal consequence of road accidents. The main causes of road accidents are drivers fault, over speeding, drunken drive, rash driving & showing stunt etc on the roads contributes towards the maximum casualty. There is "No U-turn" after a crash so avoid it, any way possible. Just imagine, if you stay on this page for 5 minutes, seven more must have died somewhere on the roads, not to mention how many getting injured. Most of the people are dying unattended as no one is coming forward to help the road accident victims. With a view to put a daily road accident and also to provide timely help to road accident victims so as to reduce the death rate we have planned and prepared this National Project of ARC.

  • What is the status of this ARC project ?

We have approached the Prime Minister Office for the necessary grant for this National Project and expecting support in the form of financial aid. We have also approached the ministry of road transport and highways for the necessary approvals and received the welcome letter. We have set the project completion schedule and details can be seen in the webpage provided in the below URL

Are you running any ARC right now and how many ARC you want to set up and what are the proposed locations of ARCs?

Right now we are not running any ARC as it is in the process of setting up the first ARC near Electronic City, Bangalore. We are having other locations around Bangalore city such as Mysore Road, Tumkur Road, Old Madras Road, Hassan Road and Hydrabad Road. We have planned to set up 100 ARCs in Karnataka itself and 2100 Nos. ARC across India. But we are operating SOS emergency services such as doctor on call, ambulance on call, mechanic on call, tow on call and driver on call.

  • When is the launch scheduled for your first ARC ?

The launch date of our first ARC is foreseen by 9th July 2018. This day we will be having the closing ceremony of our another fundraising event i.e. ARC INDIA RALLY (CAR & BIKE).

  • Is this a fundraising event ?

Yes. This is a fundraising event. We want to raise funds to meet the expenses to set up the DRC near Electronic City, Bangalore. We are raising funds by conducting running and cycling race and also by conducting a tribute march. We are also raising funds through selling for a cause, auctions, raffles and direct fund raising activities.

  •  Can I join you as a fundraiser or volunteer?

Yes. Anyone can join us as a fundraiser or as a volunteer.

  •  Can I sell my product under your Shop for a Cause program

Yes you can do so and the part of the sale proceeds should be donated to our organization towards our charity work.

  •  Will you sell my product under your shop for a cause program?

Yes. we can do the selling for a cause and you have to be our registered partner for selling for a cause.

  •  Why this ICDM 2017 event ?

India has the largest number of people exposed to natural hazards including severe storms and flooding, and the research concluded that 1.02 billion people in India or 82% population are exposed to natural disaster. Indian population is exposed to human instigated hazards such as road traffic accident deaths, nuclear & chemical hazards and also biohazards amongst other hazards. We have formed a civilian army formally known as National Safety Brigade (NSB) cadets and giving them the necessary training to deploy them in disaster prone and vulnerable regions. We are also expanding the network of NSBs state wise with the local public, NGOs, volunteers, donors to ensure the pre-positioning of NSBs, emergency supplies, help communities reduce risk and prepare for disaster and also for the speedy recovery post disaster.  Let us contribute to mitigate the risk of natural disaster, curb the human instigated Disaster. Support our National Project of NSB network and ARC to mitigate the disaster risks.

  • What are the different ways to contribute ?

You can extend your contribution as a donation, sponsor, fundraiser and as volunteer and also by sending us the articles/abstract for our Souvenir and Abstract Book on ICDM 2017. Donations can be made online or bank transfer or by cheque in favor of MOTHER INDIA CARE.

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