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About From Byzantine to Renaissance and Today (Welcome VIP Reception)

The Virgin Mary
the World’s Most Powerful Woman of the world
(National Geographic)
Mary barely speaks in the New Testament, but her image and legacy are found and celebrated around the world.
year 2017 Social Media is in full swing in the entire world. 
The glories of Catholicism had been rediscovered and are reappreciated after the religious crisis of the 90's. Pope Francis and Patriach Kirill issued the Havana declaration. 
to bring to an end persecution of Christians in the Middle East.
and the re-establishment of Christian unity. 
The classic art of ancient Greece, The American Modernism, Latin, African and Native Art explore new horizonts. The Internet allow artist to express their views and expressions to celebrate their belief. 
From a village in Rwanda to a tock cave in France, sightings of the Virgin Mary have been reported across the globe since A.D. 40. 
Join is us and explore Mary at this Prêt-à-Porter & Couture fashion event with designs from the world; celebrating Mary.
"The Marie Force" Fashion Presentation.

by Media Artist: Victor Quinteros 
and more than 50 Fashion Designers and Artesans 
invited specially for the occasion.
Introducing designs from all around the world.
Supporting Chirstians in the Middle East.
with an internet auction 100% dedicated to the development of the fashion week fund and incubator. 
Special thanks to "Fashion for a Good Cause" and
Mary is a magnet for young and old. On August 12, during a Mass celebrating her assumption into heaven, Roman Catholic youths guard a life-size figure in Kalwaria Pacławska, Poland. The Feast of the Assumption is a weeklong festival.