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About Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCIO) Training and Certification

The Certified Chief Innovation Officer program is aimed at executives and entrepreneurs interested in questioning the rules and challenging the status quo. Anyone who wants to be a part of this changing world, with a desire to get a strong grasp on innovation and work towards excellence is eligible to join the Rocheston’s CCIO program.

How Rocheston’s CCIO course prepares you to become a Chief Innovation Officer?
The CCIO curriculum has been created by subject matter experts of Rocheston, who have gone through extensive research process to come up with content that is practical and connects perfectly with the current industry scenario. It intends to equip you with ample knowledge to take on the prevailing circumstances at most dynamic organizations with confidence and intelligence, that is necessary to take over the role of CIO. The course acts as a stepping stone for becoming a great CIO, who can turn tables at a dynamic organization with their insights. The CCIO course by Rocheston is a strong foundation for your career as a Chief Innovation Officer.

The CCIO Program
The course is a 3-day interactive learning capsule conducted in a seminar format by qualified entrepreneurs and innovators. It will be conducted every month in venues all over the world. Attendants can expect warm hospitality.

What the course will consist of:
• A 3-day Training Program
• 9:30 Am – 6 Pm Everyday
• The Provision of an Active Web Portal
• Seminars Conducted by Qualified Entrepreneurs and Innovators 
• In-class Environment 
• Qualifying Proctored Exam to Be Written on the Last Day

Cutting Edge Innovation Training
The CCIO program has been carefully designed and tailored to suit varying needs. It is centered on comprehensive and versatile modules developed by Rocheston. Designed to impart the knowledge on the key aspects of innovation through interactive and alternative methods, the course's outline will be based on the following sessions:

• Problem Statement - Educational Drawbacks
• Game Changing Innovations
• Innovation Companies - Examples and Case Studies
• Ideas, Creativity and Innovation
• Idea Generation Tools
• Innovation and Disruptive Thinking
• Innovation and Leadership
• Discipline on Innovation
• Innovation Killers
• Creative Thinking Techniques
• Design Thinking, Aesthetics and Look & Feel
• Building Creative Brands
• Keep it Simple
• New Business Models
• Monetizing Innovation
• Liberal Arts
• How to Be Creative - Skills and Lessons
• Building the Internet of Things (IoT)
• Intellectual Property - Pr otecting Your Inventions
• Patenting Your Ideas
• Reinventing Business Models
• Kickstarter and Crowd Funding
• Innovation in Enterprises and Corporate Creativity
• How to Build a Start-up, Challenges and Opportunities
• Billion Dollar Ideas
• Government Funding, Grants and Legal Process
• Lawsuits, Thefts of intellectual Property and Legal Rights
• Exercises and Brain Storming
• How to Create a Start-up Business Plan

On registration you will be provided with:
1. Course Manuals
2. Exercise Books
3. White papers, resources, and a Rocheston USB
4. Rocheston Bag
5. Rocheston T-shirt
6. Pens, Notepad, etc.

CCIO Exam RCT-001
The exam will be held on the last day of the program. It will review your understanding of the course and test your understanding by means of specific objective questions.

Course Fee - USD 1299/-
Exam Fee - USD 799/-