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About Whole Hog Butchery

  • Class Level: All levels
  • Age Requirements: 18 and older
  • Average Class Size: 12

What you'll learn in this butchery class:

For the lover of all things pork! In Whole Hog Butchery, Fred & Giancarlo will break down a whole hog and describe the differences in butchering techniques for fresh cuts compared to cuts and muscles commonly used in charcuterie and salumi. Throughout the class Fred will explain the various age-old techniques used in making charcuterie and preserving meats including but not limited to: salting, brining, dry-curing, fermenting and smoking. Participants will be invited to get their hands salty, helping prepare items in different cures. There will also be a thorough tasting spread to allow you to compare the various techniques explained during the class.

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