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About Hampi & Badami Cycling Tour

Previously known as the imperial city of Vijayanagara, loosely translates to “The City of Victory” and quite literally from being the capital of South India’s largest, wealthiest, and most powerful kingdom. Now declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site titled as the “World’s Largest Open Air Museum”, the ruins of over 20 elaborate temples, palaces and medieval city structures between Hampi and Badami bear testimony to a flourishing empire from the era of dynasties. Join us in trailing this boulder-strewn topography flanked by the Tungabhadra River and leading to Vatapi (Badami) via the quaint countryside, cotton, paddy and corn fields. En route you may even get a chance to share a “majjige”(buttermilk) and “Rotti”(flat bread) a generous farmer may offer us.

It’s this unadulterated warmth and joy the people of North Karnataka exude that makes this trail a great real world experience of Karnataka. This is a 5 day trail through picturesque valleys where large boulders form cascades and rapids. We trail through mythical landscapes imbued with the presence of Gods, Goddesses and heroes linked with ancient legends. For a cyclist in you, you will experience stretches that challenge your limits, sceneries that indulge your senses and interactions with the locals that expose you to their culture and way of life.

Who can do this tour?

This expedition is for anyone with a keen interest in History exploring and truly “Travelling” into the time of legends, to hear of their stories and their struggles. Every year the excavations around Hampi reveal an new story and a fresh insight into the dominance of the Vijayanagara Empire.

Physically this is NOT an INTENSIVE Trail making it doable for anyone who is initiated to cycling and is keen of exploring and riding with a group of like-minded people can sign up. The terrain in Hampi and Badami ranges from flat grounds to moderate climbs. Distances pedaled daily will range between 40 to 60 kilometers on a rolling terrain that combines relatively flat sections with rolling terrain.

You will be required to practice some cycling before joining this trail. Our trail leaders will aquatint you with the necessary practice to put in to ensure you enjoy and not endure the trail.

How is Unventured different from conventional tour operators?
  • End-to-End solution: End to End solution: You leave all worries of logistics to us from Bangalore until you return to Bangalore. No exclusions on food, travel or accommodation in between Hampi and Badami. (Liquor & aerated drinks is the only exception)
  • Support vehicle all along your ride with a first aid kit
  • Knowledgeable tour leaders who not only ride with you but also fill you in on the local culture, natural history and food
  • Filtered safe drinking water, we want to go green and hence have opted to stay away from “bottled water”
  • Food is for most part is local but cooked in good hygienic conditions, so to worry about the your health. We want you to experience the local food and enjoy your travel like you would if you were travelling by yourself and would not compromise on that front
  • Experienced tour leaders trained and certified in Wilderness First Aid. Safety of all our crew and travellers is our primary concern and we maintain and follow safety measures in planning and execution of the tour

Duration: 5 Days

Distance Cycled: 150Km

Accommodation: Hotel