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About Rohtang Epic - KOM Challenge

The Hell Race has come up climbing-only races or in Strava’s terminology, KOMs, on some of the well-known passes and climbs in India. To start with and to see the enthusiasm for this developed concept, we’d like to begin with two climbs. We will call them Epics (Idea developed from the mix of Nandi Epic name, a race held in Bangalore, and such climb-only events are already big in the UK). The category would be MTB and Road bikes (No hybrid bikes). We are working on the prize money or some collaboration with some brands for the goodies (if it is, you will love them). Race fee will be kept as minimum as possible to promote such a concept in India. Definitely, you will need to push and pace yourself with whatever the strategy you make for any race. We think that it will help you develop race-on-bike strategies which we think we lack. Enjoy the downhills on your way back from the climb. Did we need to say that

Rohtang Epic
Those riders whose engines take time to warm-up, this Epic is for them or for anyone who wants to test their mental strength and physical stamina on long climbs. Rohtang La is a pass 50kms from Manali with an elevation gain of about 2,000mtrs ( starting at an altitude of 1,950m and going up to 3,950mtrs). It will definitely give you a sense of achievement after having done the climb, no matter what position or time you finish it. We’ll keep the cut-off times according to the weather of the day of the race as it is a high pass. We are quite sure you will love it.

Road bike
Mountain bike
PS: No Hybrid allowed.