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About Deepavali - the festival of lights

Marked as the most significant date of the Hindu calendar, Deepavali falls during the month of October, with the festivities lasting throughout the entire month. 

In Singapore, Deepavali is also known as the festival of lights, commemorating the defeat of Narakasura by their Lord Krishna. Hindus honor this day as the triumph of the victorious good over evil, and marking this date as the New Year for all Hindu devotees.

The homes of the Hindus are commonly lighted up with oil lamps, and have an area set aside for the family alters where sweetmeats and flower garlands are used as offerings.

Visit Little India for a whole new cultural experience, witness the streets blasting with vibrant traditional music and decked with a whole symphony of colourful lights. During this festive season, shoppers usually head down to search for traditional costumes to wear during the festivities, or for Indian foods and spices for their celebrations back at home.

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