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About The Study Centre Lecture Series

The Study Centre Lecture Series A Psychoanalytical Training and Research Centre initiative at G5A.

Have you ever wondered how your mind influences aspects of your personality and daily life? Is there a particular relationship in your life that you can't quite wrap your head around? Do you know someone struggling with anxiety? 

It is a privilege for the Psychoanalytic Training and Research Centre to conduct a series of Psychoanalytical lectures at the Study at G5A to introduce the groundbreaking work of Sigmund Freud and the application of his most important concepts in daily life. 

Led by eminent psychoanalyst Ms Nuzhat Khan, the lectures will span three Saturday afternoons covering the topics, An introduction to the Unconscious mind, Anxiety and Destructive behaviour in relationships. Those who attend will leave with some new perspectives on the various facets of the mind and possible insights on what makes us tick. They also hope that with more awareness about PTRC and about what we can do, there may be more individuals who are able to seek and find the mental help that they may need. 

April Saturday 7th 2018 - An Introduction to the Unconscious Mind

June Saturday 9th 2018 - Anxiety, Guilt & Our Defences Against Them

July Saturday 21st, 2018 - Destructive Behaviour in Relationships. 

For any further information, contact Yamini Namjoshi on +9930003094 or email