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About Ayurveda Treatments in India: Maa Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh

Maa Yoga Ashram - Rishikesh in collaboration with Arogyadham Ayurveda Treatment Centre offers treatments of various ailments and diseases through ayurveda lifestyle consultation, ayurveda therapies like panchakarma, shirodhara, ayurvedic massage, diet and nutrition etc. 

A team of specialized doctors will give consultation on various health problems; taking into consideration individual constitution by pulse diagnosis and other methods. The first contact between the patient and the medical team consists of the following three steps: 

Observation (Darshan): This step encompasses an evaluation of the patient’s overall physical health. The Ayurveda practitioner observes the patient’s movements and examines their body contour, and the color of their skin and eyes; as well as facial lines and ridges, the shape of their nose and the state of their lips, hair and nails.

Touch (Sparsha): The doctor then uses palpation (sparshanam), ausculation (shrvanaa) and percussion or tapping (akotana) to assess the patient’s health. S/he focuses on the patient’s pulse, tongue, nails and speech. Laboratory tests might also be in order. 

Questions (Prashna): The practitioner interviews the patient, asking them about symptoms, how long the discomfort has been there and how the disease has progressed. S/he also assesses the patient’s mental health. 

Ayurveda Treatment for Weight Loss (obesity).

It is a disorder of Fat Metabolism. It results from eating more food than is required. It can be cured by eating less with suitable Diet with Herbal Formulations. Herbal formulations from fat dissolvent herbs e.g. 

1 Cinnamomum zeylamicum
2 Commiphora mukul
3 Acacia catechu
4 Cedrus deodara
5 Lochen orsea

Ayurveda Treatment for Diabetes Mellitus

A chronic disorder fo carbohydrate metabolism characterized by hyperglycemia, glycosuria & resulting from inadequte production or utilization of insulin. It can be fully controlled or treated by proper Diet Exercise Meditation & by Herbal Formulations e.g. 

1. Lochen rosea
2. Boswelia theriferia
3. Trigonella foenum graecum
4. Gymnena sylvestres
5. Tinosphora cardifolia
6. Aegle marmelos
7. Ficus glomerali
8. Syzygium cumini
9. Azadiracta indica
10 trigonelle foenum graecum
11. Momardia charan lia
12. Solacia macrosperma

Note :- In Hyperglycemia always modern medications are required to continue to avoid ketones in the body.

Ayurveda Treatment for COPD ( Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease )

COPD is defined as difficulty in breathing accompanied by wheezing sound due to bronchial spasm. It can be fully controlled or treated by proper Diet Exercise Pranayam (breathing exercises) & by Herbal Formulations e.g.

1. Thylophora Indica Asthmatica
2. Adhatoda Vasica Nees
3. Solanum Surattense
4. Clerodendrram se Rratum
5. Cassia Occidentalis

Note :- In acute breathlessness vasodilators & inhalors are advised.

Ayurveda Treatment for (Joint Pains)

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout Osteoarthritis (Joint pains) etc, Lumber Pain (Back pain, sciatica pain) by proper Dietary Habit & Life Style Habit, Exercise & Herbal Formulations e.g.
1 Vitex Negundo
2 Cyperus Rotundus
3 Nyctanthes Arbor-Tristis
4 Smilax China
5 Delphinium Denupatum
6 Withenia Sommifera

Local application e.g.
1 Ricinus Communes
2 Brassia Juncea Clern Coss
3 Zingiber Officinale
4 Allium Sations

Ayurveda Treatment for Migraine

Essential feature of migraine is a paroxysmal headache. This may be confined to one or other side of head. Symtoms may last 15-30 minutes Headache on the average 12-24 hours and may be shorter. It is accompanied by nausea and vomiting. It can be fully controlled or treated by proper Diet & Life Style Habits & by Herbal Formulations e.g.

1 Lavandula Stoechas
2 Piper Nigrum
3 Coriandrum Sativum
Special Migraine Oil is given for local application.
Note :- In acute pain Vasograin is prescribed otherwise not.

Ayurveda Treatment for CRF (Chronic Renal Failure)

Kidneys have excretory and regulatory functions. It is divided mainly into 3 (I) excretion of end products of metabolism 2. Maintainance of tissuefluids 3. Secretion of Harmones. Main Structural unit of kidney is nephron. It does filtration, reabsorption and secretion. When reabsorption is decresed it is called CRF. It can be treated by proper Diet & Life Style Habits & by Herbal Formulations e.g.
1 Boerhavia Diffusa
2 Cichorium Intybus
3 Yavshar
4 Mulishar
5 Panchtranmulkvath
Note :- 1. No metals are ever used in the treatment of CRF.
2. Dialysis is advised as per KFT reports.

Basisb for The Diagnosis and Subsequent Ayurvedic Treatments

In Ayurvedic medicine, the doctor makes a diagnosis on both the disease level (roga) and the patient level (rogi). This entails a highly individualized process in which the doctor not only diagnoses the ailment but tailors the treatments to suit each patient’s prakriti (constitution). 

In Ayurvedic theory, all diseases are due to a doshic imbalance and thus Ayurvedic medicine focuses on rebalancing the doshas. It is worth noting that, given the holistic nature of Ayurveda, the doctor does not consider solely the affected area and thus, does not seek a treatment to cure the disease. Instead, s/he focuses on an Ayurvedic treatment that helps the body call upon its own energy to heal. While the Ayurvedic treatments and medicine are vital in the healing process, they only aid the body’s self-reparation, not trigger it.

Ayurveda Treatment for Paralysis

It is caused due to CVA (Cerebral Vascular Attack). Main cause of CVA is Haemoorrhage, Thrombosis, Embolism. Haemoorrhage is caused by Hypertension, Thrombosis is caused by injury, Embolism caused by Heart disease cerebral Ischemia or myocardial infarction. It includes Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Monoplegia, Facial Paralysis. It can be treated specialzed Therapy, proper Diet & Life Style Habits & by Herbal Formulations e.g. 
1 Mucuma Prurita
2 Ricinus Communes
3 Sida Cardifolia

Hair Problems

It is Modern Era Hair Problems like hair fall, alopecia, dandruff etc. are due to many reasons which includes stress & strain, LLP based Hair Oils, Malnuitrition & use of Chemical dyes etc. It can be treated by specialzed Hair Oil (Keshrashak Hair Oil). proper Diet & Life Style Habits & by Herbal Formulations e.g. 

1 Sesamum Indicum
2 Eclipta Alba Hassk
3 Cocos Mucifera
4 Cirullus Colocynathis Schrad
5 Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Linn
6 Lawsinia Infermis Linn
7 Centella Asatica Linn
8 Convolus Pluricaulis
9 Sapinpus Trifoleatos Linn
10 Embelica Offcinales
11 Acacia Concinna

Mental Disorders/ Diseases.

It includes OCD, Schzophremia Depression, Anxiety Syndrome, Insomnia & many more. It is caused due to wrong thinking & Negative Attitude. It can be treated by specialzed Meditation Spiritual Healing proper Diet & Life Style Habits & by Herbal Formulations e.g. 

1 Convlvulus Pruricaults
2 Centella Asatica
3 Withenia Somnefera

High Cholesterol

It is a life style disease caused by a person himself/herself HDL Cholesterol is good for the body, whereas increased LDL is bad for the body. If Cholesterol is high blood pressure is bound to rise. It can be treated by specialzed Meditation Spiritual Healing proper Diet & Life Style Habits & by Herbal Formulations e.g. 

1 Vitex Nigundo
2 Cichorium Intybus

Rejuvenation (Kayakalp)

In Ayurveda one can have 100 years of disease free life, by virtue of power of vision, power of hearing, power of speech, prosperity, self realiant, healthy life for 100 years. In Nature when something grous we can call it getting old. It is always called grow or growing or growth. In the same way when our age increases we also grow (It means we do not become old) Rejuvenation can be treated by specialzed Spiritual Healing proper Diet, Detox Therapy & Life Style Habits & by Herbal Natural Formulations e.g. 

1 Terminalia Chebula
2 Emblica Officinalis
3 Centella Asatica
4 Gly Cyrrhiza Glabra
5 Tinosphora Cardipholia

Note :- Anti Aging can also be achieved by Dugadkalp, Agnoorkalp etc.


It is a Skin disease which is Chronic, non –contagious. Real cause of it is unknown to medical sciences but predisposing factors are known. It can be treated specialzed Detox Therapy, proper Diet & Life Style Habits & by Herbal Formulations e.g. 
1. Hemidesmus Indicus
2. Acacia Catechu
3. Smilay China
4. Cassia Tora

Cirrhosis of Liver

It is Chronic diffused liver disease Characterized by significant loss of liver cells, fibrosis and nodular formation. Weight of liver is approx, 1200 gms . It does detoxifing work in the body. It produes bile pigments, bile salts, cholesterol etc in the body. When we eat more fatty diet, when we drink more Alcohal our liver cells are affected/damaged. It is also affected by viral Hepatitis, amoebic infection of intestines. When this process continues for years together liver starts shrinking which is called cirrhosis of liver. It can be treated specialzed Detox Therapy, proper Diet & Life Style Habits & by Herbal Formulations e.g. 

1. Boerhavia Diffusa
2. Cichorium Intybus
3. Solanum Nigrum
4. Andrographis Pani Culata
5. Picrorhiza Kurroa
6. Tephrosia Purpurea
7. Berberis Aristata
8. Phallanthas Nurrari

Note :- Specialzed distilled watery extracts of herbs are used.

Ayurveda Treatment for Cancer (Malignancy)

Although real cause of cancer to the modern sciences is unknown but predisposing factors are known. It is caused by Chronic Irritation & less supply of oxygen to the cells. In modern sciences it is included Onkology.Treatment is based on surgery, Radiotherapy & chemotherapy in modern Onkology Combination of flaxseed oil with cheese highly advised in cancer patients. In Ayurveda it can be treated specialized herbal extracts, Rasausdhiya etc. proper Diet & Life Style Habits & by Herbal Formulations e.g. 

1. Lochen Rosea 
2. Ocimum Sanctum or Holy Basil
3. Calotropis Procera 
4. Achy Ranthes Aspera 
5. Bauhinia Variegata

Ayurveda Treatment for Hypertension

It is impossible to define normal blood pessure without meaning it. Essential 90% , Secondary 10% Essential Hypertension The cause of essential hypertension is unknown. Factors STRESS, Salt intake, smoking and hyperlipidaemia etc. play a part. It can be treated by specialzed Meditation Spiritual Healing proper Diet & Life Style Habits & by Herbal Formulations e.g. 

1. Rauwolfia Serpentina 
2. Terminalia Arjuna
3. Withenia Somnifera

Ayurveda Treatment for Infertility

Causes of infertility in male & female are Azoospermia, Oligodpermia, Blocked fallopian tubes, Anovulation, Salpingitis, Menstural disorders, Ectopic pregnancy, Unexplained infertility, Spontaneous Abortion, Missed Abortion, Dysparecinea, Impotency & Frigidity, Harmone Imbalanced, Uterine Fibroid etc. Treatment by specialized herbs, Panchkarma etc. 

Infertility Problems (Male & Female)
At Arogyadham treatment centre thousands of patients have conceived & had children after many many years. We give treatments to both male and females.

Male Infertility
Common male infertility factors include azoospermia (no sperm cells are produced), asthenozoospermia (decreased motility of sperm) and oligospermia (few sperm cells are produced). Sometimes, sperms are deformed or die before they reach the egg.At our treatment centre we provide 90 days treatment to attain normal Sperms level. 

Female Infertility 

The most common female infertility problem is an ovulation disorder. Ovulation is necessary for the release of the egg from the ovary. Some signs that a woman is not ovulating normally include irregular or absent menstrual periods. 

Other causes of infertility include blocked fallopian tubes (the tube through which the egg travels from the ovary to uterus), endocrine disorders, uterine fibroids, and anatomical defects of the uterus. 

Several other factors such as age, stress, poor diet, athletic training, being overweight or underweight, tobacco smoking, alcohol, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), health problems that cause hormonal changes, can affect a woman’s ability to have a baby. 

At Arogyadham treatment we use traditional ayurveda therapies like Snehana or Swedana in genital areas for helping in conceiving.

1. Asparagus
2. Asparagus Racemosus
3. Withenia Somnifera
4. Semecarrus Anacardium
5. Mucune Pusila
6. Saraca Asoca
7. Symplocos Racemosa
8. Solanum Indicum
9. Mentha Viridis
10. Foemealom Vulgare
11. Tribulus Terrestis
12. Ruba Candifolia
13. Tradys Perimam
14. Cassia Fistule
15. Cuminum Cyminum
16. Cerum Carvi

Ayurvedic Treatments

It is a detoxification process which completely rids the body of toxins; thus strenghtening the immune system and restoring balance and well-being. This ayurvedic treatment consists on three stages: 

Purvakarma: It is a preparatory step which helps the body discard toxins by removing them from the stomach and tissue and guiding them to the alimentary canal. Pradhanakarma: It is a highly individualized treatment, baded on the needs of the patient, depending on their Ayurvedic constitutional type, doshic imbalances, age, among others. The specialized Ayurveda Practitioner decides if the patient requires all or only parts of the therapy. 

Paschatkarma: Post treatment care, which includes the diet regime and general guidelines to live a healthy life.

Enlarged Prostate

weight of prostrate glands in body is approx 20gm, due to various reasons specially in oldage its weight increases. Uptil 40gm it can be cured fully by herbal formulations. It can be treated by specialzed by Herbal Formulations e.g. 

1. Bauhinia Variegata 2. Tribulus Terrestis
3. Commiphora Mukul etc.

Back Ache Back Pain (Lumber Pain)

is getting comman, because of life style habits, wrong dietary habits, habit of late hours sleep & habit of late discharge of faecal matter specially in morning. It can be treated by specialzed proper Diet & Life Style Habits & by Herbal Formulations e.g. 

1. Aspara Gas Adscemdens 2. Tribulus Terrestris 
3. Asteracantha Longi Totle etc.

De – Addiction

De-addication from different addications e.g. Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs etc. is treated by Devdali (Luffa Echinata or Bristly Lu

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