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About Saruq Al-Hadid Museum

The story of Dubai unfolds in real time at Saruq Al Hadid, a newly-opened museum in Dubai's historic district, which displays a stunning range of artifacts unearthed from a new archaeological dig at Saruq Al Hadid. The archaeological site was discovered by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum while flying his helicopter, as he noticed that some dunes were a darker color than others. 

This newly-opened museum takes you through the mysterious route of archaeological discoveries and presents exciting treasures of long ago. You can take a leisurely walk among relics, dramatic displays of gold, bronze and iron and an impressive haul of over 900 objects discovered from the site. Keep your eye out for the stunning swords, enchanting arrowhead exhibitions, and interactive video exhibitions. Young visitors can get hands-on with culture and reconstruct a pot, assemble an animal skeleton, or even help the experts solve a mystery. 

Explore the theories that surround the ancient trade maps at one of Dubai's most fascinating museums. Hopefully, the mysteries will unfold with the excavation of the site - how did the civilization end? When was the last time they were in fact there? And why are there no human remains amidst the iron relics like swords, rings, and arrowheads? Who knows, you may have all the answers...