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About The Colored Museum: An Interactive Theater Experience

If you dug Punchdrunk Theater Company's immersive Hamlet experience Sleep No More, then The Colored Museum is right up your alley. At Harlem Repertory Theater, you'll walk through five rooms of the Tato Laviera Theatre with 11 exhibits about the African American Diaspora, putting you right at the center of the action. Interact with singer Aunt Ethel, bar owner Miss Roj and other colorful characters as they celebrate the history and spirit of this group. During the interludes, you can also snack and relax in the spaces where you're watching. So go on, have round at Miss Roj's bar and be a part of this unique theatrical experience.

In the tradition of the Punchdrunk Theatre Company’s 2011 Off-Broadway production of SLEEP NO MORE, The Harlem Repertory Theatre is performing THE COLORED MUSEUM in five rooms throughout the Tato Laviera Theatre complex. The audience will experience eleven exhibits about the African American Diaspora: • Aunt Ethel, who sings about creating Black people; • Miss Roj, who will welcome you to his decadent bar, The Bottomless Pit (were you can actually purchase drinks and snacks) as he tells it, “like it Tiz”; • Junie and Normal who share their heart-wrenching secrets that will shock and amaze you, and • the culminating exhibit, an uplifting and inspirational celebration of life, history, and the spirit. This brilliant masterpiece that was written by the remarkable director, playwright and producer, George C. Wolfe, is filled with stunning poetry, entertaining music, and characters who will break your heart one moment and have you splitting your sides the next.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the show time. The House Opens 10 minuets before the performance. Parking is available on 122nd street between 2nd and 3rd avenue.