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About Chicagoland Country & Swing Dance Festival 2018

What is Country Dance?

Country western dance is community of people who enjoy dancing to country music and includes both couples dancing and line dancing. Country music calls for a wide variety of dance styles, so we include all sorts of dances highlighted by our signature dance, the two-step. Country music has an enduring appeal to people from many cultures and lifestyles. The fun, welcoming and casual atmosphere is appropriate for families, couples and singles. There is something for everyone and you’ll find people of all ages and abilities all over the world who participate socially or competitively in country western dance.

Our Dances

Country western music is written in a wide variety of rhythms. While our signature dance is two-step, our dances include familiar dances from ballroom and swing. In competition, our couples dance 8 dances: polka, triple two, nightclub, cha-cha, waltz, two step, east coast swing and west coast swing. The choreography chosen for our line dance competition is based on those same rhythms.

Our People

There is a place for both social dancers and competitors in the UCWDC family and our events provide educational, social and competitive opportunities. Our rules and judge certification process assure a consistent and fair competition platform for those who want a competitive environment. Pro-am, couples, line dance and team divisions are part of our competitive format. Our top dancers are highly trained, dedicated athletes. The UCWDC is a member of the International Dancesport Federation and efforts are underway to make country western dancing an Olympic sport.