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About RIENZERSEELAUF Half marathon

62nd Brienzerseelauf on October 13, 2018 is One of the oldest and most beautiful long-distance runs in Switzerland with a 35-kilometer race, half marathon, relay, youth and pudding race and 10km run. 

Until the year 1956, the Turnverein Bönigen held an annual orienteering. Due to dwindling interest, the organizer was forced to abolish the OL in the same year. The street and off-road races were now in fashion. Also in Bönigen the discussion about the execution of a street run was taken up. A few men of the Turnverein founded the "Bennigen Association". There followed lively discussions about the length of the run. Around the lake, or only to Brienz? It was clear that a shorter distance would bring more runners, but dared the distance of 34.6 km around Lake Brienz. (35 km since 1986) The first long-distance race "Around Lake Brienz" was then advertised for the autumn of 1957 and, despite its length, was well received, but over 200 registrations were booked.


After ten years, the "runners association Bönigen" was completely taken over by the TV. Over the next few years, there were highs and lows to master. The 25th run was the biggest success, at that time 930 runners started! For many years, the women's club Bönigen had actively supported the gymnastic club on Sunday and ran the coffee shop. Since 2000, the Brienzersee run has now been organized jointly by both clubs. The gymnasts share the tasks at the OK, and the president is still the active triathlete Roland Mader.

Since 1981, women have their own category. In 1985, the children's runs were offered. A huge success was the introduction of the 3-series in 1998 with already more than 50 participating squadrons, in 2002 there were almost 90 squadrons. Since the numbers of participants for the short-distance race and the inliners held since 1996 were too low, they were canceled for the 2000 and it was new for the smallest a "Pfüderirennen" instead. Nearly 80 children and a lot of people had great fun at this race, last year even made twice as many children as at the premiere! The half-marathon category, which started in Brienz in 2000, also thrilled 138 runners in the first year, and the number of participants also rose steadily.

After more than 40 years of "fighting" in 1999, the road on the right bank of the Brienzersee was finally completed with a ban on motorized through traffic and a feeder service board. Since then, this quality improvement can be expected.

The 46th Brienzerseelauf 2002 recorded a total of about 1060 participants. Thanks to the many children and adolescents who were enthusiastic about running, a new participation record could be celebrated! Also Martin von Känel had to celebrate, which achieved the third victory in series. For the ladies, Monika Knöri from Boltigen won the race for the first time.

We hope that in future we will be able to delight many runners with the unique Brienzersee run. We would like to express a special thank you to all sponsors for the loyalty in the past years. Without them, it would be impossible to hold such an event.