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About Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence Masters Meet

We are offering combined events - Pentahlon (Long Jump, Javelin, 200m, Discus, and 1500m), register by mail or day of meet.


Time Schedule Tentative


9:00 AM      5000m Racewalk
10:00 AM    50m Sprint
10:30 AM    3000m Run
11:00 AM    100m Sprint
11:45 AM    400m Run
12:30 PM    80/100/110m Hurdles
1:00 PM      200m Sprint
1:30 PM      800m Run
1:45 PM      300/400m Hurdles
2:15 PM      4x100m Relay
2:50 PM      1500m Run
3:30 PM      4x400m Relay



9:00 AM      Long Jump
9:00 AM      High Jump
9:45 AM      Triple Jump
11:00 AM     Javelin (Grass Field)
11:00 AM     Pole Vault
12:30 PM     Shotput
1:45 PM       Discus

Combined Events: Pentahlon (Long Jump, Javelin, 200m, Discus, and 1500m) using track/field schedule as shown above.



By Mail: First event $27, additional events $10 each.  Pentathlon $65. Draw string sports bag included while supplies last.  No refunds.  Please sign both waivers and return by mail.

Online: (includes web surcharge of 6% of total fee plus $1.50 per transaction): First event $30.12, Two events $40.72, etc.   Drawstring sports bag included while supplies last. No refunds. 

DEADLINE: All mailed entries must be postmarked no later than 10/12.  Online entries close on 10/17 11:59pm Pacific.

*Late or day of registration entries: $55 first event, additional events are $10 each. $75 for pentathlon.

NOTE: 2018 USATF registration required (available at meet for $30.00)

ATTEMPTING A WORLD RECORD? Please let us know by 10/12.