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About SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne

The Lucerne Marathon is held in Lucerne, Switzerland and organised by the Lucerne Marathon Association. A half marathon and a “try-out marathon” (Schnuppermarathon) of 13 km are also part of the programme. With 5594 finishers, the premiere was the largest first edition of a running event in Switzerland and the Lucerne Marathon became at once the third largest Swiss marathon after the Zurich and Jungfrau Marathon. At the SwissCityMarathon each and every single participant is a hero! Thousands of runners are being supported by a huge and enthusiastic crowd. This atmosphere is what makes the SwissCityMarathon a very special experience.

General informations

Start & Finish

The start of the marathon, half marathon and DuoMarathon is located in the Haldenstrasse, just a few metres from the Swiss Museum of Transport (Lidostrasse 5,6006 Lucerne). The start for the 10k participants is in the Rigistrasse in Horw.

The finish line  is located in the Swiss Museum of Transport for all runners.

Finish closing time

The finish is closing at 12.15pm for the halfmarathon and at for the marathon and 10k. Runners who do not cross the finish line within the time limit will not be classified. Marathon runners who pass the turning point after 12am have to cross the finish line and end the race at halfmarathon distance. They will be listet at the end of the halfmarathon ranking with their finished time. The end of the official competition is determined by the follow-up vehicle, which is passing the kilometers on time, so that it arrives at the finish within the set time limit. Overtaken runners have to end the race and are no longer part of the official competition.

Time measurement

The chip for the time measurement is integrated in your bib. The time chip don't have to be returned at the end of the race. The race number must be worn visibly and unfolded on the front. The results and your personal certificate will be available on our website from 4pm.

Intermediate time measurement points

Kilometer 12.5 (Horw)
Kilometer 21.0975 (halfmarathon)
Kilometer 34 (Horw)

Victory ceremonies

halfmarathon  11am
marathon        12.30pm
DuoMarathon  1.15pm
10k                  2.15pm

The ceremony is only for the male and female overall winners.

Security Instructions

Instructions given by the race course personnel must be followed. Private escort of runners by all type of vehicles, especially by bicycles or inline skates, is not allowed. Also to run with a dog, a pram, etc. is not permitted. A general ban on driving applies to the whole race course except for the official vehicles of the organisers. Any short cut from the race path and other illegal aids are forbidden. Participation in a wheelchair is not possible because of security reasons. The technical directors of the organising committee will make final decisions for disqualifications.

Changing rooms and Showers

The infrastructure is near to the start and finish area. The changing rooms and showers are located in the Sportcenter Würzenbach (Kreuzbuchstrasse 42, 6006 Lucerne) for women. For men it is located at the School Würzenbach (Kreuzbuchstrasse 60, 6006 Lucerne) - only 100m away from the Sportcenter Würzenbach.

10k participants can change at the changing rooms in the "Horwerhalle" (Allmendstrasse 16A, 6048 Horw) in Horw. One piece of luggage per participant can be transported to the changing rooms at the finish with the bag transport (see below).

Clothes and bags

Clothes, who are left behind deliberately at the start, will be collected and handed over to a clothing drive. Bags can be left at the changing rooms. The chaning rooms are not guarded.

It is not allowed to leave bags at the Swiss Museum of Transport.

Valuables custody service

At the male and female changing rooms, there are guarded custody services for valuables such as wallet, smartphone, etc. Bags or clothes will not be accepted.

Bag drop and bag transport for 10k runners

One bag per 10k participant can be dropped at a special desk next to the changing rooms in the gym "Horwerhalle" at Horw. Please use the voucher attached to your start number to mark your bag independantly. The bags will be transported to the changing rooms near the finish area in Lucerne. The changing rooms are located either for women at the Sportcenter Würzenbach or for men at the School Würzenbach. To get back your bag at the Sportcenter (women) or School (men) you have to show your start number.


Toilets are located next to food and medical stations on course, at the start and finish area, in Horw, at the changing rooms and next to entertainment areas.

Lost & Found / Information Desks

During the event: Information desk at main station Lucerne; at Horw and in the finish area at the Swiss Museum of Transport.

After the event: Head office of the SwissCityMarathon; Würzenbachstrasse 13, CH - 6006 Lucerne