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About Snow Race Montgenèvre

Another brand new track for the Snowrace that will stay on the heights of Montgenèvre to keep its promise of a course all snow. Depending on the distance, you will explore one or two slopes of the oldest ski resort in the Hautes Alpes.

The long course will be more than 22 kilometers long and more than 1,000 meters of unevenness and we will be even closer to nature, by first making the tour Gondrans, on the north side of the station, closer to the fortifications in below Mount Janus.

The Snowrace will then join the second side of Montgenèvre, south side to the Chalvet which will also be the course of Rocher Dizeur. A route with fantastic views of the peaks and the valley of the Durance. 

The trailers will be filled by these two courses in balcony, wild areas between larch and ridges that will leave you extraordinary images for a long time.

Come to run in one of the oldest ski resorts in the Haute Alpes of south-east France near the town of Briançon.  The 22km run follows alpine ski trails following the Tour de Gondrans on the north side of the resort, and then passing below the fortifications of Mount Janus.

Expect running in wild areas, on ridges and through larch forests.