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About The Third Place Narrative- CEPT Summer School '18

Uncovering the array of thoughts in a community oriented urban renewal of a cemetery precinct through the postulates of design journalism!

Inviting UG and PG students from the design fraternity to enroll and explore the world as it is inside a graveyard!

In 2008 the Kolkata Scottish Heritage Trust (KSHT) was set up as a Scottish Charity to commemorate and build upon the historic links between Scotland and India. Restoration of the "Scottish Cemetery" was identified as their first priority. Initially, the program was significantly suffering primarily because of anti-social behaviour — principally theft, vandalism and the illegal dumping of rubbish. It was realized that neighbouring Indian community does not want to take care of this valuable asset as they can not find a suitable reason to relate themselves with a "Scottish Heritage" property. To strengthen that relationship, the urban- renewal initiative was started in 2014, where team "URS" carried out a detailed baseline survey in the vicinity of the cemetery area, in collaboration with "Banipur Sahayog" and "NSDA". For last three years, a community engagement plan is encouraging 2000 disadvantaged people to become involved in the project. Continued skill-building workshops are being organised with the local community and the relevant government authorities, to reverse the social and economic decline of this historic precinct and restore its heritage value. The goal is to create safe and hygienic green urban space for the city and the community around Scottish Cemetery.

These projects shows how people-centric design should be done on ground; the workshop aims to help students to understand and provide them with an unique opportunity to be part of that journey by interacting with people (of various ages, culture, occupation, gender). The challenge is to tell the untold stories in the most creative way they can, focusing on their memories & aspirations.

The program envisions to be a 4 day workshop with intensive on-site activity and hands-on training in essential skills. The interactions and studies will be finally presented in the form of multiple stories presented with the various forms of storytelling. The end product of the workshop is envisaged to be a curated set of reads compiled into a booklet ready to be printed and distributed.