This program is for managers to develop the interpersonal skills, leadership and management concepts based on the newest research information and ideas such as situational leadership model, value-based model, etc. In this programme participants learn about the effect of their behaviour on individuals and groups. This experience provides an understanding of human behaviour, group dynamics, power and authority, and the enables them to translate this knowledge into practice.

In this program, participants will expand and deepen their leadership ability; increase their self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness; and understand the impact of group dynamics. They examine their behaviours with one another and the feelings and attitudes which cause this. Because they look more closely at the results of their own behaviour and their own feelings, participants have an opportunity to compare what they want from other people with what they typically get.

They identify their own leadership style, learn about their own areas of strength and development. Through sharing their reactions, participants learn what works and what doesn’t and have the opportunity to experiment with new patterns of behaviour.