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About Free Trial -Living Philosophy – Discover, Awaken, Transform

This introductory course establishes the basic foundation of every aspiring Philosopher.

The curriculum comprises of traditional knowledge, presented as a comparative study of Classical Philosophies, and helps each student to develop a sensitive ability to recognize and internalize the fundamental Laws that govern Nature, and Humanity.

The course material serves as a basic introduction to ancient cultures and investigates the origins of humanity – a time when the Invisible Consciousness was respected, drawing a sense of wonder and esoteric mysticism.

New Acropolis strives to preserve this universal heritage, by offering it as an integral part of its scholastic development.

Living Philosophy : Discover – Awaken – Transform

Course Syllabus, 15 Sessions (30 Hrs):living_philosophy_syllabus

Know Thyself
Living Philosophy – Need for Inner Change
Investigate the Ancient Indian understanding of Man
7 Fold Constitution of Man
The Ethical Life of a Disciple
Themes from Ancient Indian Tradition

The Great Universal War
Animal Self vs. Human Self
The Internal Battle of Kurukshetra
Svadharma and Karma Yoga
Themes from The Bhagawad Gita

Buddha and the Path to Liberation 
Lessons from the Life of The Buddha
Process of Self-Transformation
The Middle Path, 4 Noble Truths
Themes from The Dhammapada

Hearing the Voice of the Silence
Symbolism of Tibetan Vajrayana Tradition
H.P. Blavatsky and the origins of a mystical manual for disciples
Recognizing the Mayavic nature of the World
Themes from The Voice of the Silence

Practical Principles from the Ancient World
Making your Actions meaningful and sacred
Justice, Ancient Egypt
Harmony, Confucius
Path of Happiness, Aristotle

The Artist, The Lover, The Philosopher – Who are you?
Macro-bios: The Living Universe
True Freedom, Stoic Principles
3 Paths to expressing Unity, Plotinus

Introduction to Socio-Politics
The role and importance of Society
The Maieutic Approach, Socrates
Education and Justice in Society, Plato
The Metaphysical Disaster

The Allegory of the Cave
The last School of Mystery, Pythagoras
Allegory of the Cave, Plato
The Political & Philosophical Ideal
Founding Principles of New Acropolis

Types of Governance
4 Types of Man
Models of Governance, Plato
The Triumphs and Challenges of Democracy
Organizational structure of Traditional Society

Path to Mystery
Roles in Ancient Society: Children, Adolescence, Elders
Traditional Education and Tribal Initiation
Mystical and Magical Initiation

When Myth and History meet
Reliability of History
Myths: Truths hidden in Mythology
Chronological Time, Sacred Time, Mythical Time
How Myth drives History

Cycles within History 
Natural Law of Cycles
Cycles of Time: Hindu Yugas, Great Year of Plato
Challenges and Opportunities of our times

Esoteric History of Man 
7 Kingdoms of Life
Manas & the Evolution of Human Consiousness
The Discipular Path: Devotion, Investigation, Service


So, where do we go from here?

Students will earn diplomas certifying completion of the course by attending at least 80% of the classes.

Colaba Course
Free Introduction – Monday 28th May 2018, 7:30PM
Course starts – Monday 4th June 2018, 7:30PM