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About Townsville

Are you READY to DEMOLISH your Adventurethon event?

2018 is going to be EPIC and Adventurethon Demolish Townsville is no exception!!

Forget what you’ve experienced previously at Adventurethon Townsville and prepare to be launched into your next adventure! We are bringing Adventurethon DEMOLISH and you have the opportunity to be involved in the FIRST ADVENTURETHON DEMOLISH in Townsville.

What IS Adventurethon Demolish? For some time we have wanted to put on an event with every leg being a stunner in its’ own right, with no need to compromise on quality. We often found that there were people who would love to do 1 discipline but not all of them and that finding teammates was kind of a hard process if they weren’t already part of the multisport circles. Hence the eruption of the Adventurethon Demolish Format onto the scene. Demolish is essentially an Adventurethon event which has been pulled apart to create 4 stand alone individual races, with times that can be tallied together in a stage race format at the end to find an overall champion. However, it can also can be raced as a tag team or in pairs or simply just do your favourite leg.

2018 Demolish Weekend Schedule

Saturday 14th July 

07:15am Stage 1 Radar Rumble MTB

12:00pm Stage 2 River Rush Downwinder

04:00pm Stage 3 Many Peaks Trail Run


Sunday 15th July

07:20am Stage 4 Sprint Adventurethon 

09:30am Taste of Adventurethon Junior Adventurethon


We can’t wait to share this with you – you are going to LOVE it. So REGISTER HERE

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