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About The Billionaire Mindset- Ignitor (Level- I)

If you want to be a successful businessman, learn -how to identify the unique opportunities to increase your wealth strategies for sustaining maximum wealth.
The Billionaire Mindset 1- Ignitor


In fact your limiting beliefs about money and financial success prevent you from achieving your wealth aspirations.

Distracting emotions and thoughts create major challenges for you to have more money. Once you are able to train your Subconscious Mind to overcome your limiting beliefs and psychological blocks about money, you will be able to take the necessary action to attract financial wealth and be financially free. In today’s economic climate, this is something everyone wants

  1. Presenting the signature series program by Dr P.P.Vijayan.
  2. If you want to be a successful businessman, learn how to identify the unique opportunities to increase your wealth strategies for sustaining maximum wealth.
  3. Multi-billionaires have reached where they are in life by unlocking the power of their minds and changing their mindsets.
  4. The Billionaire Mindset training program offers you 4 content-rich days to discover your inner potential to create unprecedented wealth and achieve extraordinary success in life.
  5. It’s a powerful mindset-transforming workshop aiming enterprising individuals who have a passion and dream to go for higher life-goals of wealth creation, business-empire building and to emulate the powerful lifestyles of the successful people in the world.
  6. Secrets of the Global business success are revealed to you in the Billionaire Mindset.

Course content

  1. The psychology of wealth creation.
  2. Money and Spirituality
  3. Ways to become wealthy and manage money wisely
  4. The secret keys to generating affluence and abundance
  5. How to cultivate a wealth creation mindset.
  6. 101 proven ways to become richer
  7. How to apply positive values in business
  8. To recognize 30 bad money habits and know how to uninstall them from your mind
  9. 11 keys to leveraging wealth creation
  10. Negative money thoughts which make people poor and learning how to avoid them
  11. How to create passive income
  12. How to create multiple income stress
  13. How to ask for help
  14. Grow model
  15. Business startup for 100 cr
  16. A few model business ideas
  17. Business success secret
  18. Power of belief in wealth creation
  19. Billionaire Strategies
  20. Speedy wealth creation
  21. Financial intelligence

How "The Billionaire Mindset" program benefits your business

  1. Create the mind of a billionaire
  2. Reprogram your mind for huge wealth and Success
  3. Develop a foundation for creating profitable new ventures with like-minded people.
  4. Enjoy a life of total abundance
  5. Create a change in your financial mindset
  6. Acquire the right attitude towards money
  7. Generate affluence and abundance
  8. Cultivate a wealth-creation mindset
  9. Become richer
  10. Apply positive values in life
  11. Uninstall bad money habits from your mind
  12. Save money effectively
  13. Leverage wealth creation
  14. Avoid negative money thoughts
  15. Create passive income and multiple income streams