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About Abstract Painting with Lineart

Ollmost Artist: Learn how to combine two beautiful forms of art;

Abstract painting and Line art with Miss. Shri Jatti.

About the workshop:

- Abstract painting is an idea that exists in thought but doesn't have any concrete existence.

- Line art is a combination of distinct straight or curved lines

placed against a background.

- In this workshop, you will learn to combine these two distinct forms of art into creating something beautiful, creative and unique in its own way.

- The workshop will help you focus on creating something

non-objective and non-representational on the canvas, allowing the viewers to interpret the painting in their own ways; which is the very definition of abstract.

- At the end of this workshop, you will be able to explore your inner artist.


About Shri: (7829561988)

-An architect by profession and an artist by passion.

- Loves exploring new forms of arts and crafts.

- For details on art, please visit ''ollmostartist'' on Instagram.


TIME-11.30 TO 2.30


Venue: Dialogues Cafe, J.P Nagar, Bangalore

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