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About ISFEXPO 2018

The 1st Edition of India's largest & centered exhibition on Surface Finishing Technologies is taking place on 2nd, 3rd and 4th August-2018, Hall no.: 7 Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

India Surface Finishing Expo is taking place to offer the surface finishers with an impeccable platform for business cooperation and technology dealings. The beauty of this show is that the participants can share all info with the selected audience while making relations with new clients. It is axiomatic that almost all surfaces made by ordinary machining and fabrication techniques are positively skewed and then make an unenviable effect on the bearing load of surfaces, destructively impacting the operation of the parts involved in applications. Hence, the need of specialized high-energy finishing procedures is essentially required to truncate the surface profile peaks. The exhibition impending to come in the summers of this year will assist various manufacturers, surface finishers and others to deal with the increased complexity. It will also help them to attain the precise essentials of mechanical products. The novel techniques and modish technologies shared & imparted through this show will assist the companies to attain the performance integrity as well as increased service lives of the components, they deal in.

The show will also enable businesspersons to come across with the fact that how edge condition as well as surface topography betterment can make impact on the part performance. The exhibition will modify the Urban surfaces, both natural & constructed, so that the thermal comfort, increased performance and good health of city occupants can be achieved. With the assistance of M7 creations, the show is going to be well publicized and appreciated, on account of the economical as well as environmental benefits, it can render.

Exhibitors Profile

  • Plating: Materials and chemicals / Intermediate / Equipment, production line and accessories / Testing and monitoring equipment
  • Coating: Automotive coating / Powder coating / Anti-corrosion coating / Non-stick paint / Marine paint
  • Materials and equipment for coating / Painting robot / Recovery plant Electrophoresis equipment / Dacromet equipment Equipment for shot/sand blasting, drawbench and polishing
  • Chemical oxidizing and anodizing for Aluminum, Magnesium and Titanium alloy / Anti-fading for Copper and Silver alloy / Zinc plating passive / Coloring of stainless steel / Blueing and phosphating of steel
  • Equipment for waste water and gas treatment, Quality testing equipment, Process control equipment
  • Hot spraying equipment
  • Vacuum plating, Ion plating, PVD&CVD
  • Anti-corrosion materials and its application, Anti-rust materials and its application
  • Materials and equipment for hot dipping
  • Surface finishing industrial parks
  • Mechanical Finishing
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Paint & Powder Coating Applications
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Chemical Finishing Technologies
  • Paints
  • Testing Equipment
  • Thermal Coating
  • Chemicals & Raw Materials
  • Environmental, Safety and Protection
  • Protective Coating

Visitors Profile

  • Surface finishing, electroplating, coating processing enterprises
  • Automobile & accessories
  • Motorcycle & accessories
  • Household electrical appliances
  • Communication products
  • IT, digital products
  • Hardware, electronics, lighting, toys, bathroom, kitchen, watches and other personnels from R&D department, purchasing department, production department in manufacturing enterprises
  • Designer from coating design institutes and engineering personnels
  • Experts from surface finishing industry
  • Surface engineering universities and researchers

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