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About Vocabularies-a group art show of three young women artists

Anu Bajaj Director of Gallery Art Positive presents “Vocabularies”, a group art show of three young women artists Shaila Nambiar, Sarika Bajaj, Kruti Thaker connected by a shared interest in bringing artworks alive with their unique choice of materials.
The exhibition will be a congregation of 14 artworks crafted in metal, fabric, feather and threads.

This insight into the wildly imaginative nature of the artists’ storytelling and the artistic vocabularies stands apart due to their use of unusual material and the process of “making,” which is an important, almost meditative process for both the greater and the spectator.

While all three artists look to their surroundings both social and natural there is a something ethereal and unique in each of their art style. Sarika up-cycles found feathers, fabrics and shells to create ephemeral art works and sculptures that build on ceremonial and ritual ideas. Her works draw inspiration from nature and are a comment on ecological concerns. Hyderabad based artist Shaila Nambiar on the other hand draws her inspiration from everyday objects like a bobby pin, a safety pin, a hair brush et al are to make her audience think about notions of beauty thrust upon women. Kruti Thaker’s work engages the beautiful and intricate art of patchwork and embroidery transforming it into a contemporary form and presenting an almost surreal reality.

‘Vocabularies’ encapsulates the artistic journeys of these young artists. For all three artists the praxis itself manifests a behavior that pushes them into a state of enquiry and concern. The process is very evident in each of their work, and unfolds itself to the spectator. Each piece can be subconsciously deconstructed and traced back into pieces of material with insightful observations on the world that these artists inhabit.

Material –


Sarika uses found feathers, fabric and shells to create ephemeral art works that build on ceremonial and ritual ideas. Her works are often a comment on ecological concerns.  Shaila on the other hand, creates larger than life sculptures of mundane objects of daily use such as safety pins and hairbrushes from fabrics and fiberglass. Kruti Thakker is an exceptionally diligent artist who uses patchwork and embroidery as a medium. 


Process –


Sarika’s work often includes channeling of the organic. The act of collecting discarded feathers, for her is a huge part of the entire process; the feathers are then subject to a series of arrangement and rearrangement. In this series, naturally discarded feathers are meticulously applied in layers to create a distinct visual impact. Transformed and rearranged, the feathers evoke new life.


 Shaila’s visual language is very spatial in nature. Ordinary, mundane objects used by women in their daily life are molded, shaped and blown out of proportion to perform. The objects are then twisted and turned into unruly forms that are now outright critiques to the notions of beauty and societal standards of beauty set for women. This process of twisting and turning symbolizes the rejection of the norms and standards, and is almost cathartic for the artist. The process invites the artist to liberate and heal.

Kruti on the other hand has a very meticulous and painstaking approach to her artworks. Her canvases are like windows to a natural phenomenon evolving and sprouting in time. Her works are like imagined memories she has of living and non-living things – nature, animals, birds, buildings and window sills, who are fighting for survival as well as adjusting with each other.

This imagined memory is then imbued with life force by the artist with her use of embroidery. Each thread is painstakingly sown into the canvas with extreme detail and precision.

Date- 15th April to 31st May 2018 ,  11:00 am – 7:00 pm (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)

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