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About PAALAM 2018

Thirty days event of Exhibition and Cultural Festival

‘Paalam’ means the bridge. The event is a bridge between producers and consumers. It creates qualified exposure and sales that all producers and sellers have to work harder to get via other channels

It will be the perfect platform for presenting all type of consumer goods and services. It will be the best opportunity for presenting industrial products for medium and small business. All business professionals can discover their own space in the event. Many producers, sellers, professionals and artistes will join us to make it the best of 2018. It will be the best commercial event of the state of Kerala.

It will attract more than Twenty Thousand families. They will get a good opportunity to know and buy new products and services. They will be entertained with attractive cultural programs and contests.

‘Paalam 2018’ is a big event of exhibitions, expressions, performances, cultural programs, competitions, contests and different types of entertainments. It will be adorned with Art Festival, Film Festival, Theater Festival, Folk Festival, Dance Festival, Music Festival and Food Festival.

Exhibition of latest products and services *Consumer products and Industrial products for medium and small business

Theater Festival, Folk Festival, Film Festival, Music Festival, Food Festival and Shopping Festival - All in one event

Good opportunity to enjoy Indian Classical, Folk and Contemporary Art forms and performances

Good opportunity to contact business professionals, producers, sellers and buyers

Good opportunity to discover new business ways and channels

exihibitions events in other cities

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