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About Wildlife Photography Workshop for Beginners – Bangalore

  • Taking your first steps in wildlife photography? Darter Photography’s exclusive Wildlife Photography Workshop for Beginners enables you to get used to the myriad controls on your camera, understand the fundamentals of wildlife photography, practise the concepts in the wilderness and emerge as an ethical wildlife photographer.

    This weekend workshop is conducted in the Jungle Lodges and Resorts’ Bannerghatta Nature Camp, a short drive away from the bustling metropolis of Bangalore. Immerse yourself into the lap of nature while learning and practising the secrets of wildlife photography in this exclusive hands-on workshop.


    Darter Photography presents Wildlife Photography Workshop for Beginners – an exclusive workshop meant for photography enthusiasts taking their first steps in wildlife photography. The workshop is meticulously crafted on multiple parameters to help you get a jumpstart in wildlife photography:

    • Framework: The workshop has been designed to help you learn the basics of wildlife photography from both perspectives – wildlife and photography. In addition to the concepts of the camera and photography, we’ll spend time understanding the myriad forms of wildlife around us and the field behaviour and ethics while photographing them.
    • Location: Jungle Lodges and Resorts’ Bannerghatta Nature Camp is a short drive away from Bangalore city. This will be our home for the duration of the workshop (with an overnight stay on Saturday) and will give us ample opportunities to learn the secrets of wildlife photography in the lap of nature.
    • Practice Sessions: Our practice sessions will be within the Herbivore safari at Bannerghatta National Park that shares a boundary with the Nature Camp. In addition to herbivores such as Chital, Sambar and Nilgai, this area abounds with myriad species of birds and other animals giving you ample opportunities to practice the classroom concepts.


    Is this workshop for you?

    This workshop is a great opportunity to get a headstart on the amazing world of wildlife photography. You should join this workshop if you –

      • are keen to begin the creative pursuit of wildlife photography
      • have a camera with you (or buying one soon) and want to familiarize with all the advanced controls
      • have an interest in wildlife photography and are just getting started
      • are keen to take better wildlife photographs and improve your wildlife photography skills

    You need not have any prior photography knowledge or experience to join this workshop. Take a look at our course content to understand what you learn during the sessions.

    You will be required to bring your digital camera to the workshop. An advanced camera or an SLR is NOT a prerequisite, though having one helps get better practical insights.


    Topics Covered

    Through this workshop, we introduce you to the core concepts of wildlife photography. You will learn about the different modes of the camera, how to use the various technical features on your camera and lenses and how to compose photographs that are admired by everyone. You will also get introduced to the myriad life-forms around us, and learn the basic field skills of approaching wildlife for photography and the ethics of wildlife photography. So the next time you click a photograph, you’ll relive the amazing moments from the wilderness.

    Topics Covered

    • Understanding your camera
      • Understanding digital cameras and associated photography gear
      • Familiarization with all the controls in your camera
      • Camera modes and making the best out of your camera – Program Mode, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual modes
    • Technical Concepts of wildlife photography
      • Focus and Focal Length
      • Understanding exposure, histograms and metering
      • Aperture, Depth of Field, Shutter-speed, ISO and White Balance
      • Knowing what makes a technically good photograph; identifying problems in images
    • Composition
      • Stories through your wildlife photographs
      • Guidelines for good composition
    • Light in wildlife photography
      • Understanding play of light in wildlife photography
      • Techniques for making interesting photographs with available light
    • Wildlife and Ethics
      • Introduction to wildlife and wildlife habitats around us
      • Field skills for wildlife photography
      • Ethics of wildlife photography
    • Field Sessions
      • At least 2 Practice Sessions to get practical experience and practice the concepts learnt in the classroom
    • Review Sessions
      • To review the photographs from the field sessions and provide inputs on improving them

    This is a hands-on workshop where the participants practice every concept that is discussed in the sessions. It is essential that the participants bring their cameras to the workshop to get the best out of this session.


    After the workshop, you will be able to

    • move away from photographing wildlife in Automatic mode.
    • appreciate the myriad forms of wildlife around us.
    • understand the different controls in your digital camera and change settings appropriate to the various conditions that wildlife photography presents.
    • learn how to convey your stories from the wild.
    • know and use the advanced modes to control the exposure and depth of field to tell your story.
    • understand the nuances of composition, which helps in taking images that stand out.
    • learn the ethics of wildlife photography that would keep both you and wildlife safe.
    • make the best use of your camera’s abilities and open up to unlimited possibilities in wildlife photography.

    Workshop Venue and Timings

    Workshop Venue:
    The workshop would be conducted at Jungle Lodges and Resorts’ Bannerghatta Nature Camp, a short drive from Bangalore city. We’ll stay here overnight on Saturday to optimize the learning from the workshop and to spend Saturday evening and Sunday morning in the field in the best possible light.

    The best way to get to the camp is to drive there. You can drive your vehicles directly to the camp and there is ample place there to park them overnight. We’ll coordinate with all the workshop participants before the workshop to work out carpooling arrangements to travel to the workshop.

    Workshop Timings: 9:00AM on Saturday to 6:00PM on Sunday

    Workshop Fees

    The workshop fee is Rs. 9,650/- per person.

    The workshop fee includes:

      • Classroom and field sessions on photography under the guidance of Darter Photography Expert
      • Accommodation at Jungle Lodges and Resorts’ Bannerghatta Nature Camp for Saturday night
      • 3 meals a day, starting with lunch on Saturday and ending with lunch on Sunday, and snacks/tea
      • Applicable taxes

    You would be required to bring your digital camera to the workshop. An advanced camera or an SLR is NOT a prerequisite, though having one can give you better practical insights into camera controls.

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